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General terms and conditions of

use of the website Policy and Privacy


To the website user, Anyone, hereinafter referred to as a User, who intends to use the services on our website must accept the General Terms and Conditions and all other policies and principles that govern it.

Acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions is absolutely essential to the use of the Sites and services provided here The User must read, make sure he / she has understood and accepted all the conditions established in the General Terms and Conditions and in the Privacy Policies, as well as in the other documents incorporated by reference, before his / her purchase as a User of this website.

This information will help you and clarify the description of use and purchase of our product. It is very important that you know our policies and, for this reason, it is necessary that you read and understand the General Terms and Conditions of use of the website, as well as the reading of the clauses that make it possible to contract and the limitations of rights, highlighted here:

1.With this Forex Indicator you can use it as an additional tool in your trading strategy and Trade System so that it will be an additional one that will help in your decision making. We are not responsible for losses incurred in your Metatrader4 account. You must have knowledge of technical analysis and also knowledge of the use of other standard indicators on the mt4 platform, so that you are able to filter out false signals. Having knowledge in Price action, using indicators like rsi, stocastic and moving levers will help you to potentiate the signals of the Cashpower Indicator.

2.The User / potential buyer, before deciding to purchase, should be aware that we do not offer the sale of this Software Digital product Forex Indicator to users in Countries where the Forex Market is not regulated. Example: Brazil (Brazil), Japan, China, South Korea, Turqey. So it is explicit here that if the user is resident in one of these highlighted countries, it is the user's full responsibility and he is responsible and has knowledge of this information.

3.Cashpower Indicator Team. provides a cashpower indicator system for the buyer to use on his metatrader4 platform where his license after purchase will be restricted and controlled for only 01 (one) number of metatrader4 platform duly registered with a legally legalized Forex broker , the buyer choosing the choice of his Forex broker.

4.Users in countries where the Forex market is not regulated are prohibited from making the purchase of this product, being liable to return the payment made through Paypal, as well as not sending the Software made available here. Under no circumstances will the reproduction, unauthorized re-sale, rental or other form of transfer of the Software made available to customers be made after purchase has been made.

5.We also emphasize that we have as a privacy policy and terms of use the right The return of the payment and exclusion of the license to use the software if the customer is not satisfied with the product, requiring communication within 4 ( four ) days after purchasing the software. If this time is exceeded, the customer loses the right to return the payment through paypal.

6.Cashpower Indicator Team., through the availability of this product Forex Cashpower Indicator Indicator is not responsible for client losses in its metatrader4 investment account in the Forex market, and the user / client is fully aware that rading foreign exchange and CFD includes high risk, and may not be suitable for all investors and for everyone.Before deciding to trade foreign exchange Market you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite.Users guarantee and answer, in any case, civilly and criminally for the veracity, accuracy and authenticity, of the Data provided here.


7.Cashpower Indicator Team., by making this product available Forex Cashpower Indicator Indicator reserves the right to refuse any payment submission and to suspend the use of the previously accepted Software License, which is in disagreement with the policies and rules of these General Terms and Conditions this term.

8.The User declares and warrants that, when making the purchase and receiving the indicator sold here, he / she understands and agrees with all Terms of Use Information established here in this agreement.

9.Warning text for Latin American countries -  El Usuario / comprador potencial, antes de decidirse a comprar, debe tener en cuenta que no ofrecemos la venta de este Indicador Forex a usuarios en Países donde el Mercado Forex no está regulado: Brasil (Brasil), Japón, China, Corea del Sur, Turqey . Por lo tanto, es explícito aquí que si el usuario reside en uno de estos países destacados aquí, es responsabilidad total del usuario conocer la información descrita en este Término.



@Cashpower Indicator Team.

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